The Musky Guy on the cover of Northwest Iowa Outdoors Magazine!

Paul Malm, a.k.a. The Musky Guy is a fishing guide and tackle manufacturer, and a local celebrity in northwestern Iowa, and he was chosen to feature on the cover of Northwest Iowa Outdoors magazine!

Northwest-Iowa-Outdoors-magazine-cover-the Musky-Guy

So why is this important news for the W blog? It’s because Paul is also a big W kayak fan, and he wrote this great article called The kayak that’s useful for fishing in waters around here

Congratulations Paul!  🙂


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4 thoughts on “The Musky Guy on the cover of Northwest Iowa Outdoors Magazine!”

  1. I have had the pleasure of fishing with Paul a couple of times, and he is the REAL DEAL when it comes to being a fishing guide. His passion for the Wavewalk is genuine, and it really shows when he is out on the water. He enjoyed fishing with me in that he was able to go fishing himself, and not have to give me the attention that he would a client. His knowledge and access to the area is unprecedented. It would be worth a trip to NW Iowa for any fisherman from around the country to look him up.


  2. Hello Paul-

    Congratulations! I asked Yoav if he had heard more from you just last week.

    I trust readers will understand the difference between your assessment of the Wavewalk and those from competitors’ so-called “Pro-Staff”. They are compensated and provide mostly useless cliches like “sweet ride” while you provide experience and candor.


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