Not too shabby bass with my back injuries, by Rox Davis

Just started therapy for my back yesterday, opted out on the surgery for now.
I want to try all my options first before the Knife!!

I was able to still get out, Lisa pulled the W kayaks down to the waters edge at a pond near us.
I left my W500 at home since it’s a little heavier with the motor mount and deck.
A little paddling goes a long way with the W300.

Just tossing a 3” yum dinger in baby bass color Texas rigged weedless.
Not to shabby with my back and neck injuries. Plus a bonus 4lber to boot!!

If I was in a traditional yak, I would have never made it off shore – too hard to get in and out without a splash down. 🙂

Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

This eight year old W300 kayak still does the job




bass-caught-july-7-CT (2)

10 thoughts on “Not too shabby bass with my back injuries, by Rox Davis”

  1. Rox, this is great! –

    When you told me about your back injuries I thought you’d be shore bound for quite a while, but here you are on the saddle and catching chunky bass! 🙂
    I hope this therapy will be fully successful, and soon!


  2. Glad to c u back on the water, Rox. I think you’re wise keeping surgery as the last resort – I’ve heard both good and bad stories from folks who’ve had it. It would sure be fun to get a few of those smallies on a topwater lure.

  3. Thanks guys,

    My neck is the worst injury, c5, c6 and c7 disc are herniated, with c7 is impinging
    the root nerves to both arms. 🙁
    Which sends electricity jolts down both arms to my hands if I cough or sneeze.

    One day at a time. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  4. This electric tingling in the arms is really annoying. I had it last week in my right forearm, probably due to sitting for too long and working on the computer 🙁
    I did a lot of stretching, and it looks like I managed to get rid of it, at least for now.
    But these things come back as long as you’re doing the same thing all the time. Sometimes it’s the wrist that gets injured, and sometimes it’s the elbow, or the shoulder, etc… If only I had time to go paddling!


  5. Not too shabby! 😀
    It’s good to see you again after such a long time, Rox.
    I hope you’ll be well soon,

  6. Rox-

    Always good to see you’re on the water even with all your physical restrictions.

    That 4-pounder is a beauty and it explains that big smile on your face!


  7. Congrats Rox! 🙂 Take care of those vertebrae and get back to w bassin soon!

  8. Rox,
    Note that Ricardo and his wife are former ballet dancers, and now they own a ballet school, and he surely has a lot of experience with injuries.

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