Kayak fishing in the first week of summer, by Michael Chesloff

Until June 21st the weather and the fishing in my part of upstate New York were extremely challenging. Strong winds, even early in the morning, were unrelenting. And the bass I was catching were rarely over a pound. Then, almost magically, the first day of summer brought stunning changes. The mornings were calm and the fish put on some serious weight!

The action begins Saturday morning at Rudd Pond, including a largemouth that is close to 4 pounds!



17-inch-4-lbs-largemouth-bass (2)Big-Eye-3-lbs-bass








All these fish were caught within three hours.

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6 thoughts on “Kayak fishing in the first week of summer, by Michael Chesloff”

  1. It’s just the opposite down here, Michael. Water temps are bathtub-like and the bite has slowed. I’m ready for fall.

  2. I wonder how it feels to catch so many big fish in such a short time. I guess it makes you feel high — Marco

  3. Nice job Michael ! Worm hooked Wacky style….one of my favorites! Even the Crappie couldn’t resist. One of my biggest Muskies jumped on a Wacky Worm.

  4. John-

    Thanks for the kind words. I keep trying to widen my lure selection but the fish just seem to find wacky worms so damned attractive!


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