Just a little fishing report, by Chris Henderson

Got the Wavewalk out on a small lake near our home.
The weather was mixed but the fish were willing.
Was able to stack the downrigger. That means that you fish with two different lines off of the downrigger but at different depths. Kokanee (land locked sockeye salmon) swim in schools and usually hold in specific depths which is dependent on water temperature. Today the fish were at at 28-30 foot level and at 38-44 feet down. I was able to troll one line at 37 feet and one line staked ten feet up at about 28 feet. If patient it can be done well but can be a tangle fest if you are not careful.

The downrigger is an awesome tool on the Wavewalk if you are wanting to put your lure right where the fish are.

In any event, I finally got a limit of Kokanee all in the 12 inch range.

Another good fishing trip.



kokanee-clear-lake -limit-06-2014


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6 thoughts on “Just a little fishing report, by Chris Henderson”

  1. I had some great days fishing for kokanee in Coeur D’ Alene Lake in northern Idaho, Chris, while attending school in Moscow. I used corn of all things. Great country up there.

  2. Yep, shoepeg corn. Someone figured out it has the right scent that evidently mimics the little fresh water shrimp that these guys feed on. We also catch them o bare, red hooks just like the saltwater sockeye.

    They are crazy fighters too, which is why they often come unhooked. Fun fish.

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