Standing and paddling is just awesome, by Tony Schiro

GREAT KAYAK! Not the fastest, but it sure is comfy.
Standing and paddling is just awesome.
Thank you so much again for the delivery.
My brother took some pics & vids. I’ll send them to you when I get them.
Anyone who asks (I get the feeling they will) I’ll be sure to have them give you a call.
Thanks again Joe! I can walk on water! Wavewalk that is!


This review was published thanks to Joe Stauder, from Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks, Pennsylvania


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2 thoughts on “Standing and paddling is just awesome, by Tony Schiro”

  1. Thanks Tony,

    Yep, it’s awesome! 🙂
    Try paddling on one side of your kayak while holding the paddle more towards its end rather than in its middle section. You can keep tracking by using a J-stroke, like seasoned canoeists do and SUP paddlers are supposed to do 😉
    It’s not as fast as paddling left-right, but it’s fun, and it lets you enjoy the scenery as if you were really walking on water.

    And thanks to Joe too, who’s been pretty busy lately 🙂


  2. Congratulations on your new w-kayak! Btw, this one-sided stand up paddling technique works great for sight fishing too.

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