My Wavewalk fishing kayak with a 2.5 Suzuki outboard motor, by Robert Buck

I have had the kayak out twice so far. The first time was for about an hour and did not go too far. I went out on Friday to a lake and was on the water for about 4 hours and went about 4 1/2 miles. It was a beautiful day on the lake.

It does not take long to get used to using the kayak. This is going to be great for what I bought it for and that is fishing. I can carry all my equipment and move around and change hooks and lures easily.
Had to paddle into a little wind on the way back on Friday. No problem as the kayak cut through the waves and no bouncing over the waves.
I am happy with my purchase and plan on getting out even more now.

When I first had the Kayak in the van, I could not see out the right hand window so when I arrived at my friends I strapped it to the roof. I was worried that I would not be able to see vehicles coming onto the highway from entrance ramps. I have now got it down pat to strap to the roof. The eye hooks on the motor mount work great for strapping down one end of the kayak.

I had the motor on the Kayak for the first time today. Must say it takes a little getting used to but did great.

Just one point though, the mount for the short shaft motor should be placed to the rear a little more as the motor will not tilt up and lock in place. I think the tension screw will be enough to hold it up so it does not fall back into the water. I had no problem with it staying in place.

I do have a video from yesterday as this was my first time with the motor:
I was impressed with the way the kayak cut though the waves. There was no bouncing around going through the waves.

It takes a little getting used to using the motor. I like the fact that I have the option of using a motor. It just makes the kayak more versatile.
I do like it better without the motor, but the motor will have its time and place when using the kayak.


Robert Buck
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

My Wavewalk fishing kayak and tackle box




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One thought on “My Wavewalk fishing kayak with a 2.5 Suzuki outboard motor, by Robert Buck”

  1. Thanks Robert,

    I found it interesting that your video shows that your motorized kayak is perfectly stable, tracks flawlessly, and not a single drop of water gets inside its cockpit – all of the above although the surface of the lake is choppy and you’re driving at a pretty good speed.

    I’d also like to thank Norman, from NewStar Marine, Wavewalk kayaks’ distributor in Atlantic Canada, for helping to get this review published.

    Hey, this is the first W kayak review from New Brunswick! 🙂


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