Our multiple W kayak activities including fishing, by Aaron and Lynn Söderberg

We’re owners of two new Wavewalk 500’s, and we take them out almost every weekend in one of the many many surrounding bayous and beaches. We’ve learned so much from this website. After considerable research we knew that the WaveWalk was the perfect Kayak for us. Stability, comfort, roominess were perfect for our needs.
We’ve invested in a trailer, built a platform for our dog (including several saddles) and are gearing up the W’s to catch flounder and redfish, plus it’s good exercise.
We take lots of pics and videos of our surroundings and enjoy the whole geocaching experience as well.

Aaron and Lynn Söderberg
Dickinson, Texas







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3 thoughts on “Our multiple W kayak activities including fishing, by Aaron and Lynn Söderberg”

  1. Thank you Aaron and Lynn,

    Welcome to our blog!
    It sounds like you guys certainly know how to take advantage of your new W kayaks 🙂

    BTW, if you asked me, I would have advised you to try and attach both your kayaks on top of your vehicle instead of getting a trailer to carry them.
    See example here: http://wavewalk.com/blog/2011/06/11/father-and-son-kayak-fishing-and-camping-trip-report-norway-and-sweden/

    We all look forward to more pictures and stories from you,


  2. Hahaha! Well, Aaron wanted to but I shrieked. His car is new!!!
    I’ve always wanted a hitch on my SUV and a trailer for hauling things other than our Kayaks sooooo it’s a multi-purpose trailer. Plus, I was tired of hauling the two W’s inside my Nitro. Yes, INSIDE my car. It was such an easy way to load and go…. “Go” being the key word. 🙂

  3. Lynn,
    Sure, I drive a midsize SUV and I don’t even bother to attach my W kayak to its car rack anymore… I tuck it inside, and the rear hatch closes almost all the way.
    If you guys ever want to take both your kayaks on top of the new car, you can protect the paint with a blanket or large size towels.
    Here’s a short article and movie on this subject that Michael Chesloff contributed:


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