On the gulf many times fishing in heavy seas, by David Miller (Crappie Dave)

Had tip over feelings at first couple of times while on my lake fearing wave actions. Now have been on the gulf many times in heavy seas fishing.
Copied your wood cut out form to make a support for a folding chair mount. Cut off chair legs at seat level. Rear of chair seat fits into wavewalk kayak groove and screwed down front side ridge of chair to wood cut out form I made. Chair folds down level with top of boat. Use a small seat cushion for more comfort.
Bolted a pivoted type of rod holder (thick plastic tube) to your installed wood form, front of boat.
Purchased larger diameter noodles. Had people ask wanting to get this boat.
My wife calls it KNOODLE.
Also made a strap on two wheel dolly for transport in and out of van.

David Miller (Crappie Dave)
Inverness, Florida

At a kayak fishing event hosted by Gary Rankel at Ozello


Launching the kayak from the van directly into the water


Folding seat down


Folding seat up


Strap on two-wheel dolly for transportation


Photos: Gary Rankel

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3 thoughts on “On the gulf many times fishing in heavy seas, by David Miller (Crappie Dave)”

  1. Thanks Dave,

    I’m glad to hear your W kayak works for you on your offshore fishing trips. If I were you I’d try to go fishing in a group, because it’s safer – Stuff happens, as they say…

    Nice rigging! (Thank you Gary for the pictures 🙂 ) I like the minimalistic design of the wheel cart.


  2. I think there’s a problem’s with the way Dave made the support for his seat. His diy saddle bracket that’s supporting his seat is too wide, and it prevents Dave from having his legs placed on his sides while he paddles. This fact plus the width of the seat itself probably means the he can’t paddle in the RIDING posture, so he feels less stable and gets less power from his legs. I don’t think he needs such a wide bracket there. He could attach the bracket behind him in the rear end of the cockpit, and attach the seat to the saddle differently. This way he’d be able to enter the cockpit from its rear, like a regular w kayak, and paddle in the RIDING posture, sort of.

  3. Great observation, Pete……….I don’t know if Dave monitors this blog, but I’ll point out your suggestions to him the next time I see him.

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