Hosting members of a kayak fishing club at Ozello, by Gary Rankel

Crappie Dave (another Packeryaker and cheesehead like me, and a new Wavewalk kayak owner) joined me yesterday in Ozello where I hosted a group from the Bay Area Canoe and Kayak Fishing Club, a large kayak fishing club from the Tampa Bay / St. Pete area.
None of the BAC&KFC folks had Wavewalks, and some were surprised how fast, roomy and stable they were. Dave and I got lots of interest and questions.
Ozello was really jumping, a few nice redfish were caught, and a good time was had by all.

I took a few pictures of the group at the launch site, and of Dave’s Wavewalk setup showing the seat, anchor assembly and wheels he installed.

It’s great fun getting together with folks who enjoy my sport as much as I do. We had a blast.


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Crappie Dave standing next to his rigged W fishing kayak


Dave launching his kayak right out of his car. Others had trailers..


Dave’s DIY folding kayak seat







2 thoughts on “Hosting members of a kayak fishing club at Ozello, by Gary Rankel”

  1. Thanks Gary, what a great story!

    I was surprised to see how many of the other anglers use trailers to transport their trad fishing yaks. It’s yet another illustration for the term ‘Barge’, I guess…

    Thanks for shooting these pictures of Dave and his new W kayak, and the details of how he rigged if for fishing. Now that i have these pictures I can finally publish his review! 🙂


  2. Thanks, Yoav. Dave mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to get out and enjoy kayak fishing without his W and the seat / backrest arrangement he devised for it. Like Dick Sherman, another fellow I fish with who designed a seat with backrest, the backrest component is critical for their comfort. Dave mentioned, however, that he had some problem turning in the wind, probably because the seat wouldn’t allow him to move back and forward on the saddle to facilitate turning in breezy conditions. I’ve thought about devising a seat also, but wouldn’t want to compromise the W’s turning ability in windy conditions, so, I’ll just settle for the glued down seat pads I use.

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