A day on the water, with some bass fishing, by John Fabina

beaver-in-the reeds (2)
A beaver watching us from between the reeds


Red Wing Blackbird


Jeanne stretching and resting


We did a little bass fishing too, and caught a few




That’s us!


Sunset ending a great day on the water


Always fun when you’re out on the Wavewalks!


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5 thoughts on “A day on the water, with some bass fishing, by John Fabina”

  1. Thanks John,

    A very inspiring story 🙂

    Hey, it’s June 21st today – the first day of summer!!
    We needed it badly…


  2. Yep, I like these reports where you see pictures of people smiling. I find it as interesting as pictures of fish with hooks in their mouths… 😀

  3. You must be kidding! Nothing looks better than a freshly caught fish! 😉
    This blog is getting too soft.. First they publish pictures of birds and turtles, and now people. I wonder what’s next……

  4. 😀 😀

    FW, here’s the plan: In order to get more popular we’ll publish pictures of dogs and children.
    But wait… we’ve already done that! 😛

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