Two 24 inch redfish first trip out, by Mike Poole

Really enjoying the Kayak.
Caught two 24 inch redfish first trip out 🙂
I just fabricated a bracket to attach a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) powered LED underwater light (see attached) so I can gig for flounder along the creek banks at night. I used to do really good years ago, when I lived in Charleston South Carolina.

The weather has kept me from getting back out lately but things seem to be improving, but now it is so hot!


Mike Poole
New Orleans


kayak-with-led-underwater-light-for-night-gigging (2)

4 thoughts on “Two 24 inch redfish first trip out, by Mike Poole”

  1. Thanks Mike,

    Beautiful woodwork! Looks like it’s not your first project in this material 😉

    This submersible projector is pretty impressive… just mount a small spear gun on it et voilà! 😀


  2. I noticed that Mike didn’t en have to drill to attach his bracket to the w yak, as he used the existing drainage hole for the bolts… Talking about convenience 🙂
    Great job on this bracket!

  3. …”et voilà”? Is this your tribute to New Orleans? 😀

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