This kayak will open another dimension for me, by Charlie Manning

Hello, my name is Charlie Manning. I am 75 years old and I guess you would say I am an experienced kayaker. I have a 12 foot keyhole cockpit kayak that I use in the many deep swamps of eastern NC for taking photos. Knees and back reflect these years and I thought this was the year I would have to give up my kayaking. The “L” position for any length of time has become impossible. Entry and especially exit had become something I dreaded to do! I came across Steve Anderson of SOBX Kayaks web page. I looked for awhile and then gave Steve a call. He is a really fine gentleman! We arranged a demo time and I drove the 87 miles from Washington NC to Beaufort NC and got a WaveWalk in the water. Took less than 5 minutes to know this is a totally different boat than anything I have ever seen. I can step in and step out easily . NO “L” position to dread!!
I would never attempt trying to fish from my other kayak but the WaveWalk will open another dimension for me. Needless to say I left with one on top of my car! Thanks to Steve and WaveWalk I will “own” the swamps in eastern NC for a few more years. A few good gator photos and some big bass are my next goals.
Getting it rigged for my needs today. Steve gave me a lot of good Ideas.

Thank You!
Charlie Manning

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4 thoughts on “This kayak will open another dimension for me, by Charlie Manning”

  1. Thank you Charlie,

    Congratulations on your new W kayak!
    This morning when I saw your review in my email I just felt like publishing it, even though you still haven’t had a chance to shoot any photos with your new W kayak.
    It’s simply heartwarming, and it tells exactly what we feel: You don’t have to stop doing something you love, like kayaking, kayak fishing or photographing from a kayak just because you can’t use a traditional kayak, because you have an alternative now.

    We look forward to see pictures of your rigging projects, and pictures of all sorts of wildlife, including fish, of course 🙂


  2. Charlie, about those gators pics – there are telescopic lenses for that, you know 😀

  3. Thanks for the kind words Charlie,

    Charlie is an amazing guy who is very passionate about kayaking. It was a pleasure to be part of keeping that passion going. Guys like Charlie are an inspiration to all of us who are approaching that next level in our lives. As far as a telescopic lens, I wouldn’t be surprised if he used his cellphone camera.

    Steve A.

  4. Hey Charlie, congratulations on your new ride. I bet this kayak will open more than just another dimension for you, as it often does to people like yourself who have more than one hobby. Looking forward to some pics from you.

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