No legal stripers yet… by Bill Davenport

Hope all is well.
This has been a less than perfect spring, however I’ve been out in W trying.
Quite a few little fish but no legal stripers yet.
I put Flying Tiger motif on, as if the Wavewalk didn’t attract enough attention as is. More to come.


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3 thoughts on “No legal stripers yet… by Bill Davenport”

  1. Thanks Bill,

    I’m pretty sure that even sharks are scared of your kayak now 😀
    Anyways, this is a good time for art, whether it’s pimping your kayak or snapping photos…


  2. If you asked them they’d say “when I grow up I want to be a legal striper!” 😉

  3. Soon it’s going to be hot and damp, and we’re all going to miss those cool days of spring

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