Family fishing day, by Chris Henderson

Every year our church does a “Family Fishing Day”. We go out to Horseshoe lake in Kitsap county and take all manor of things that float and spend the day fishing. This year we were able to bring some Wavewalks so people could try them out!
We plan it in conjunction with the Washington free fishing weekend, so that adults who have gotten out of going fishing, or never tried it, can go fishing without cost.
We bring all the poles we can find and have lots of gear for everyone to use.
Between the ever present bluegill, less prevalent (this year) yellow perch, and the stocker trout, everyone caught fish and had a great time.
It is so fun letting kids catch their first fish!
Even got to try out some umbrella sailing.


Everything is under control!


Two anglers and one paddler, and plenty of room left in this fishing kayak


A very young apprentice, an angler, and a paddler – all in the same fishing kayak…


Gig Harbor Fishing Kayaks’ armada


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  1. Thanks Chris,

    Great pictures!
    Looks like everybody had a lot of fun on your family fishing day 🙂


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