Fishing in my Wavewalk kayak for 13 hours with no discomfort, Travis in VA

Here’s my take on the Wavewalk.
Like so many, back issues are a big reason I decided on a Wavewalk. I’m not even an old guy. My sit-ins had me taking shore breaks every few hours. My first time out in the Wavewalk, I was out fishing for 13 hours and never had any discomfort because of the ease of changing positions.
Last year I did a lot of fishing and caught many different fish as can be seen in my video. It’s now a little more than a year after I vacationed in Florida and was able to try out a Wavewalk. On the way home from that trip a stopped at my local dealer and bought one. After many modifications and additions I think I have finally reached a configuration that won’t be changing for a while.
The latest addition was a Minn Kota C2 30lb trolling motor mounted to a transom I made from some wood and screws I had available.

After one outing last year when I caught my first northern snakehead, I decided I need to take up bow fishing too. The Wavewalk is perfect for sneaking up on them in the weedy shallows. When it gets too thick to paddle, I pole along. While I haven’t yet taken any snakeheads by bow, I have been successful at getting some catfish and carp. The stability makes it so easy.

Travis in VA

Great stability for catching big catfish
Getting a tow


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3 thoughts on “Fishing in my Wavewalk kayak for 13 hours with no discomfort, Travis in VA”

  1. Thanks Travis,

    I’m glad your W solved your kayak fishing ergonomics problem!

    That’s quite a fishing machine you created, and the pictures of all the fish you caught with it prove that it works well 🙂


  2. The blue plastic chair looks like a good idea if you don’t have to paddle. –Hasdrubal

  3. Hello Travis-
    I get such a kick out of people telling me they can stay out in their mono-hulls for “at least a couple of hours” and it “hardly hurts at all”.

    Is there a fish you don’t catch? Amazing fishing and and amazing rigging!

    Hasdrubal- If you try this with a chair like Travis uses you will be surprised to find that it really doesn’t interfere with paddling. To prove it to yourself, just sit in any chair that has arm rests and simulate paddling. Of course, don’t let anyone see you as it does make a person look a bit foolish. 🙂

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