70 years old, first trip in my W fishing kayak, first time standing, by Dennis Pritchard

This has been a long process for me. I have back problems and regular kayaks “Hurt” to say the least. And the cost is not something to sneeze at especially when one is on a fixed budget as I am.
I am 6’2″, 215 pounds and a mere 70 years young. I am in great shape for an elderly feller but elderly nevertheless.
However one of my main plans is to do a fair amount of stand up fly fishing from the W kayak, although I do all types of fishing, and I will be fishing in many different types of water from mountain streams to the Gulf Coast.

I have literally studied Wavewalk’s web site and YouTube for a solid year before deciding to take the plunge and just go ahead and order one. I hate to order something like this sight unseen but there is no reasonably close dealer near me so I can look them over and possibly take a test spin. But one thing was for sure and that was a standard yak was out of the question.

To say that I am impressed would be putting it mildly!!!
I have only had it on the water twice. Once on a river and once on a lake. Both fishing trips. I am still a bit awkward but getting much more confident. Even standing (a bit tentative). Not bad for an “elderly” codger of 70 years.

I have rigged up a very simple but effective cart for rolling it over our rocky terrain around here. I have added a couple additional items to the W with pop rivets.

Thanks for all the good advice and help in selecting my W.
I will send photos and a video or two when I get it rigged the way I want it.

Thanks so much. Your boat is one of a kind.


Dennis Pritchard, Virginia

first time paddling standing 06-2014
First trip, first time standing. Not bad at all.

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6 thoughts on “70 years old, first trip in my W fishing kayak, first time standing, by Dennis Pritchard”

  1. Thanks Dennis,

    Indeed, not bad at all! 🙂
    Take your time learning how to use your W kayak, there’s no hurry…


  2. You’re my hero Mr. Pritchard! I’m 58 and praying that I will be able to take my W kayak out when I’m in my 70’s too. For me, once I realized that I was going to be travelling at a speed that was akin to me walking, vs running, a slow, smooth and easy pace was incredibly easy to maintain. Although I would be tired at the end of the day, I never experienced any real muscle pain. My arms and chest would get a mild work-out, but it was more therapeutic than uncomfortable.


  3. I hope so Yoav!
    Actually, my back is feeling much better, and I’m seriously thinking about doing my 3rd test run this weekend. I think an adjustment to my trim angle is going to make a great difference! We shall see…

  4. Way to go, Dennis…………..us old, clumsy codgers have to stick together.

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