First slam of the year – snook, redfish and trout, by Gary Rankel

Just me today but got a nice snook, a couple of redfish and a few small trout, so I got my first “Slam” of the year (the term used around here to describe catching those 3 species in one day). Also, how often do you see herons sitting on top of a tall tree?




Heron fishing at Ozello wildlife refuge



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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Gary,

    I’d say that redfish is quite impressive too…

    80F here in Sharon, MA. Finally some warm weather…


  2. Fish Wiz

    Congartulations Gary, that place seems like a productive fishery for you,

  3. PackerYaker

    Glad to hear it’s getting warming up there. Ditto for my sister in Green Bay who is getting her Wavewalk unthawed after a cold winter on the beach.

  4. fish kayak

    Well Gary, that may have been a false hope… This morning temps here were below 50F 🙁

  5. Arthur Myjak

    Congrats…you had to wait ’till I was gone to do your thing…we are fighting tornadoes, snow, and cold to get our golf in in the mid-west.

  6. PackerYaker

    Good luck getting in the golf, Art. I’ll try to leave a few redfish for you when you return this fall.

  7. RoxCT

    Congratulations on the Grand Slam Gary. 🙂

    That’s one heck of a day, and Great pictures!! 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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