Me and my dog Rufus made it to California Sportsman Magazine, by Mike Hancock

The editor of California Sportsman Magazine saw my Kayak Blog and liked it so much he ask if it was OK to publish it.
Of course I said no. Ha ha  😉


Cover of California Sportsman Magazine

Cover of the latest issue of California Sportsman Magazine

Trying Out a New Style of 'Yak - Fishing kayak review

My article “Trying Out a New Style of ‘Yak” – A review of the Wavewalk fishing kayak


My dog Rufus is seen in one of the top-right corner pictures of this page!


  1. fish kayak

    Congratulations Mike and Rufus! 😀


  2. RoxCT

    Congratulations Mike and Rufus!

    W500, Nothing like it, Nothing better!!! 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. fish kayak


    This year I realized that we just couldn’t handle shoveling that much snow by hand on our big driveway, and I got myself a 2-stage snow thrower.
    Great machine, although it broke down and needed repair after several months of intensive use 🙂


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