First time in W fishing kayak, in tandem! by Gary Thorberg (video)

First time Wavewalkers Kirby and Mary Lou show us how easy it really is!
Both were impressed with the stability and ease of paddling. Having experience in conventional kayaks, they were willing to give tandem a try the first time out.
We usually reserve tandem kayaking for after you have mastered solo, but they were able to jump right in and take off no problem.
I foresee many successful tandem fishing trips for them, as fishing is their passion.
Thanks for the test, and enjoy many happy years in your new Wavewalk!


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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Gary,

    I remember talking to you about the fishing TV genre, and predicting that you’d be producing some pretty cool videos with your new GoPro camera – and I wasn’t wrong! 🙂


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