First time in our new fishing kayaks! by Myron McDaniel

I love to fish and have several boats. I have been living and fishing in Long Island for over 22 years. I have never kayak fished before but as soon as I happened upon Wavewalk’s website, I have been hooked!
We took out the Wavewalks, one yellow and one green to test them yesterday. My sons loved them and did not want to get out of them!
I think the WaveWalk can beat any competition when it comes to a fishing machine as well the best choice as a personal watercraft for all ages.
Attached are some pics.
I will keep updating you soon.


Liam and Connor testing their W fishing kayaks in a pond in Long Island
Liam-paddling-his-fishing-kayak-Long-Island-NY (2)
Liam paddling
Myron standing in his W fishing kayak

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5 thoughts on “First time in our new fishing kayaks! by Myron McDaniel”

  1. Thanks Myron,

    I’m glad to hear you guys like your Ws!
    Just remember to take your time learning how to operate these kayaks inland before taking them in the ocean 🙂


  2. What are the seats for? I have a feeling that you guys would be more comfortable riding the saddles of your w-kayaks jet-ski style.
    Not having an add-on seat is also better for entering the cockpit from its rear, without your feet getting wet.

  3. The seats were just to test out, they are not attached to anything and are easily moved out of the way when stepping into the Wavewalk. I agree that the riding position is the most powerful and comfortable position. Thanks for the comments, I can’t wait to catch my first fish on the the Wavewalk!


  4. Much luck to you guys with your new toys. I started my career on Long Island (Patchogue) and enjoyed many days walking the beaches with my surf rod. Too bad I didn’t have a Wavewalk back then or I could have launched in the surf and chased those bluefish and stripers around. Will you be hitting the salt with them also?

  5. We will be hitting the Great South Bay soon! If luck will have it, we will be catching flounder soon! I will keep you updated on our progress and post some pics after I have added more enhancements to my fishing machine! Thanks for the comments. PackerYaker, I appreciate the advice of a fellow Long Islander!

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