Dick Sherman landing a 27 inch redfish, by Gary Rankel

Art Myjak, Dick Sherman and I fished Ozello today. It was pretty slow but Art got these nice shots of Dick landing his 27 inch red.


Welcome on board!


Photos: Art Myjak

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7 thoughts on “Dick Sherman landing a 27 inch redfish, by Gary Rankel”

  1. Thanks Gary,

    What a great looking fish! Congratulations, Dick! 🙂

    Art captured the moment masterfully – thanks Art!

    Life is back to normal and business as usual in Ozello, eh? 😀


  2. Thanks to Art for the great pictures. I missed seeing the fight, but heard Art say afterward that he thought Dick would tire out before the fish, but he was wrong.

  3. Congrats Gary, that’s a Beautiful Redfish!! 🙂

    Just waiting for ice out up here in CT.

    It’s been a long winter, I can’t wait to set a hook.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  4. We made this post a Featured Story because it contains so many elements of a great story: Adventure, Friendship, Fun, Fish, Fight and Victory.
    This nice redfish is probably not the biggest one caught in Florida yesterday, but it’s meaningful for Dick Sherman and to his friends Art and Gary who had a great time during those hours in which they paddled their W kayaks and fished from them.


  5. At this age landing such a fish in your kayak is a victory. Great job!
    I like this story a lot.

  6. High and dry and smiling! 🙂 Great job on that red!

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