Pictures of my front-drive W kayak before the motor quit on me, by Kenny Tracy

Enclosed are some more pics of me enjoying my front-drive W at the campsite, before the motor quit on me…


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5 thoughts on “Pictures of my front-drive W kayak before the motor quit on me, by Kenny Tracy”

  1. Thanks Kenny,

    Aha! Finally, some action pictures on the water! 😀

    The kayak looks good with that front mounted electric motor, but I suspect it’s really just for trolling because it doesn’t steer as easily as a transom mounted motor, and using it in shallow water is a little risky.

    I can’t wait to see pictures (or better – watch a video!) of your redesigned W fishing kayak outfitted with a powerful outboard gas engine… I guess we’ll have to wait several months before this happens 🙁
    Well, at least I get plenty of opportunities to play with my new snow thrower these days! 😀


  2. Don’t think I’d like paddling in that rough, open water, One-Shot. I’d be scouting out a few of the calmer side streams.

  3. Great pics One-Shot, I believe this story shows that when push comes to shove electric motors aren’t fully dependable.

  4. Gary,
    It was smooth as silk on those same waters the day before… You would have loved it. Winds came in at night, and changed the whole game… Only about 6 feet deep at high tide, but the current was fairly swift. I wasn’t exhausted after I had to paddle home, but my arms knew the motor wasn’t working too! LOL

    Thanks 1formidable,
    I had an episode over by the Bay Bridge (MD) about two weeks prior to this, and submerged the control unit of my motor in salt water for about 45 mins. My contacts rusted/corroded out. I mounted it in the rear later, and used an on/off switch (all on or all off) to get me around Solomons Island, for about 7 hours. Unfortunately, I didn’t use the right gauge wires, and melted the switch and the lighter gauge wires as I was coming in for the day, but I agree with you. These electric motors should NOT be your primary motor in nothing but flat, freshwaters…

  5. Nice job! The boat looks great on the water, although it seems like mounting the motor at the stern would have offered a better range of motion for fishing.
    It would be very interesting to see One-shot’s new creation, with extra stability and a much more powerful motor.

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