Another beautiful day for kayak fishing in Ozello, by Gary Rankel

Sorry One-Shot……….No styrofoam, no outriggers, no stabilizers, no motors attached and no paddlecraft speed records broken today in Ozello. Just lonesome me paddling through some peaceful backcountry with a few redfish and seatrout to keep me company. Got them cooking up right now as I type.


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6 thoughts on “Another beautiful day for kayak fishing in Ozello, by Gary Rankel”

  1. Actually, fish are not my thing (to eat, that is). My wife ate most of it. My neighbors, who I usually bring fish home to were out of town so we cooked them up tonite.

  2. Ha! :-). Don’t be sorry Gary, “Different Strokes for Different Folk”. Isn’t it worth celebrating the fact that so many people can agree that the W500 can satisfy THEIR need to fish/paddle/or relax the way THEY want on the water? One-Shot wants to fish where paddling would honestly, be impractical and unsafe. Gary is content paddling in relatively flat waters. If it’s legal, and I bring it into my boat, I’m gonna cook and eat it, or give it to someone else, who will do the same. I don’t/won’t do “catch and release” lakes, ponds, or rivers. You probably will. The thought of me paddling through some “peaceful backwaters” has been a non-issue, since “Deliverance”. 🙂 Your photographs are indeed beautiful. I too, am a professional photographer, since ’67, and a trained sniper since ’83, (hence my nickname), but I usually carry something else besides a fish to keep me company… 🙂 it’s cool. “What you eat, don’t make make me fat”, and vice-versa. Isn’t it amazing that despite our obvious differences/needs, and backgrounds, we can both absolutely agree to LOVE our kayaks?!? Ahhhhh…. The magic of WaveWalk…

    Ok. Now that we know each other better, maybe we both can have a beautiful day fishing from our W500’s and taking wonderful photos in Ozello, especially when I retire in about 5 or 6 years.

    Take care, and Peace,

  3. Thanks, One-Shot…I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff, and all the responses they’ve generated. I spent most of my career in northern Virginia, so am a bit familiar with the Bay, and your reference to limited peaceful backwaters. You will certainly have lots of open water and wind to push you around – maybe a few nice stripers to pull you around also. Our different methods and techniques speak well for the Wavewalk’s diversity – I’ll be looking forward to seeing your “machine” finalized, and maybe a picture or two of you hauling in one of those nice stripers.

  4. Thank you Gary,
    What I wouldn’t give for some of your great weather! I was down in Orlando in late October.

    This is the first kayak that I have ever owned, so I truly don’t have a “point of reference” to draw from, but what I DO know is, that there is NO WAY that I’ll ever, remotely, consider another kayak of a different configuration. Its incredibly safe, remarkably forgiving, stable, and despite all of my many mishaps (my fault), it has been way too much fun! I’d like to get another W500, and keep it “stock”, because I feel it “reigns supreme” over the rest of the other so-called “fishing kayaks”, as is…

    The next time out, I’m going to take my last generation, 5D (Canon) and a couple of lenses, so I can take a few shots from the water. I have a battery grip attached to it, and since I haven’t found a waterproof case to fit it in its current configuration, I’ve been a little reluctant to take it out with me before in my ever-evolving “machine”. While I’ve caught a few good sized stripers, my biggest fish to date has been a ginormous, Potomac river, channel cat! After I skin it, fillet it, and soak it in cold water and lemon juice for about 30 minutes, I cut it into chicken nugget sized morsels, dip them in a Coors light, egg, cornmeal/flour/garlic powder liquid batter, shake off the excess, and then drop them in a dry “seafood seasoned” flour and cornmeal concoction, and deep fry ’em! My grandson (just turned 5 years old), goes absolutely crazy devouring them! 🙂 And I won’t lie… I do the same thing!

    Keep on doin’ what ya doin’ Gary, because its obvious that whatever it is, you are having a ball!

    God bless ya,

  5. Yeh, One-Shot, retirement has been great (I’m not one of those guys who retires and then misses work). Hope to c u down here one of these days – just remember that the speed limit in Ozello is 5 mph.

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