Using Xtra Large Foam Noodles on the Wavewalk Kayak, by Gary Rankel

We had a nice day today so was able to take a few pictures showing how I use the Xtra large foam noodles. They are 4 inches in diameter with a 1 1/4 inch hole, and fit perfectly when the noodle is slit and pushed over the W rim as shown. They stay in place and won’t blow off even at highway speed in the back of my pickup. I don’t know what the floatation value of these noodles are compared to the smaller size noodles, but I assume it would be greater per given length. I continuously alternate between paddle and casting so I use them primarily because of their value in creating a stealthy approach (the sound of a paddle or rod being placed on the W rim would send shallow water redfish into the next county). All of my W friends down here now use them. Picture captions are as follows:

A cross-section of the large foam noodle on the kayak saddle
Stealthy fishing rod placement while paddling.jpg
How I’ve arranged six lengths of noodles on the front, back and sides. They can, of course, be cut to any size to provide more flotation, to correspond to fish size limits, or for other purposes.
2 noodles placed side to side with magic marker markings corresponding to size limits of the different fish I catch (thereby replacing a measuring board).
Stealthy paddle placement while casting, and one shows stealthy fishing rod placement while paddling.
The foam placement doesn’t interfere with near 90 degree paddling
How the foam noodles can serve to hold lures.
How the foam noodles can serve as cushioned rests for legs (and, of course, for feet, arms or head).
The towels on the bottom of the hulls serve as sponges, to keep bare feet warm during cool weather, to cool your head during warm weather, to wipe your hands or grab fish, and to wipe down your W after rinsing it off when you get back home.

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4 thoughts on “Using Xtra Large Foam Noodles on the Wavewalk Kayak, by Gary Rankel”

  1. Thanks Gary,

    Your article is a must read for any W kayak angler who’s interested in stealth and convenience!


  2. I’d name Gary’s article “Ode To Foam” 🙂
    It’s really a great material that works well for so many things on board, including flotation…
    Excellent article that any w kayak angler would benefit from reading.

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