Rock climbing with my W kayak, by Perry Platt

A few weeks ago I got the urge to do a bit of rock-climbing with my W boat. Not the kind where you’re inside the boat, like in the videos (viewable from the Wavewalk website), but the kind one does on a steep rip-rap bank, such as we have miles and miles of here along the Columbia, with the boat hanging from a rope, just to get from the car to the water and back.

This is a bank made mostly of boulders the size of washing machines, and too steep for safely carrying more than one hand can manage.

Here’s the view from the top –

Here’s my W on the way down, staying nicely upright, trying not to get hung up on the way, and doing a great job-
The Wavewalk kayak sliding down to the river, held by a long rope

All ready to launch –
The kayak down by the river, ready to launch

back at the top –
The kayak back on top, overlooking the river

After a nice outing, exploring an area I’ve been meaning to check out for some time, the slide back up the bank was even easier than going down.

Like a hard working yellow lab – dripping wet, satisfied, and ready to go home-

Wavewalk kayak leaning against a van, before car topping

Happy paddling, fishing, and rappelling,


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5 thoughts on “Rock climbing with my W kayak, by Perry Platt”

  1. Thanks Perry,

    Pretty amazing!

    Yet another proof that our motto ‘Launch, go and beach anywhere’ is a faithful description of reality.
    I wonder what it would be like to try and do the same thing with one of those hefty barge-yaks that weigh between 80 lbs and 120 lbs (30% to 100% more than the W500) – Something tells me it couldn’t be somehow less easy… 😀


  2. Just another thought –
    Sometimes I drag my W500 by a strap on the ground over long distances, especially when I go on a long pond-hopping paddling trip in the nearby state park. It’s easy, simple and hassle free. If the trail is rocky it would add a few benign scratches to the bottom of the kayak. Nothing noteworthy, really.
    Needless to say that it’s harder with the outboard motor attached to the kayak…

  3. Another great real life Wavewalk story.

    It would be interesting to see if any other kayak (with fishing, photography, etc.) gear on board could be pulled by a rope over such rough ground without dumping its contents on the rocks and boulders.

    Also, those big 70-100 (and you know who you are!) kayaks would not be a lot of fun to push up onto the roof of an RV. 🙂

  4. I don’t know if I’d do this with my wavewalk, but the pictures are nice!

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