Getting a Wavewalk® in the United Kingdom

Since 2007, we’ve been selling Wavewalk® kayaks factory direct to clients in the United Kingdom.

Our UK clients get all the technical and sales support they need directly from us by email and by phone, and they pay us by direct transfer (ACH) or by international check in US dollars.
We charge our UK clients $210 US in total including insurance for shipping their W500 from the US factory to a major UK port, $270 for doing the same for a W700, and $320 for an S4. Once we know your address we can find the cheapest way to ship the kayak to you.
We ship each Wavewalk® kayak in a custom cardboard box, for maximum protection, and our shipments are insured.
Typical transit time for such a shipment is 3 weeks, but it can take a couple of weeks more, depending on cutoff dates and other factors over which we have no control.

Once the boxed W kayak and accessories reach their UK port of destination, the client has to take care of customs clearing and transportation from the port to their address. We provide our clients with all necessary documentation for customs.
UK duty on US made kayaks is minimal. However, our UK clients are required to pay the local value added tax (VAT), like they do on all other products.
Other local expenses that UK clients need to be aware of are port taxes and fees which may vary from time to time and from one port to another, and storage fees if the client requires the box to be stored locally before picking it up.

We can also ship to inland local freight terminals where the client would pickup their box.

How we manage to offer such low shipping rates to UK ports

Adding $210 and $270 as extra shipping fee to a UK port helps us pay for shipping to our European clients –
The actual cost of shipping a boxed Wavewalk® kayak from the US factory to a main UK port is between $450 and $550, depending on whether it’s a W500 or W700, and on the port of destination.
However, we don’t have to charge the full cost of shipping to The UK since our kayaks are already priced with a local shipping component for our US customers. This figure rarely covers our own cost when we ship a single box to an end customer’s address in the continental US, but it does cover much of it. We use these funds to cover part of our cost of shipping to our UK clients, so they don’t have to pay the full cost of shipping.

We are looking for dealers and distributors in the UK –

Learn more about our national distributor program »


  1. Benny Suttendorf

    How on earth can you ship a full size kayak from the United States to te UK for ninety dollars? What’s the catch, if any?

  2. fish kayak

    Here is how we do it:
    Shipping a boxed W500 to a UK port costs us around $400 –
    The price of each kayak we normally sell in the US already includes a built-in shipping fee, and while this figure rarely covers our own cost when we ship a single box to an end customer’s address, it does cover part of it, so we’re able to offer free shipping in the continental US.
    Adding $90 as an extra shipping fee to a UK port further helps us offset the price difference.
    And finally, we advertise in the US and Canada but not in the UK. This means that we have some extra funds that we can use to pay for shipping our kayaks to the UK.

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