Getting a Wavewalk® kayak in Australia

Since 2011, we’ve been selling Wavewalk® kayaks factory direct to clients in Australia through a service we dubbed ‘Australyak‘. We ship our clients’ orders regularly to the main ports in Australia: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Fremantle.

Our Australian clients get all the technical and sales support they need directly from us by email and by phone, and they pay us by direct transfer (ACH) or by international check in US dollars.
We charge our Australian clients $210 US in total including insurance for shipping their W500 from the US factory to a major Australian port, and and we charge $270 for doing the same for a W700. Once we know your address we can find the cheapest way to ship the kayak to you.
We ship each Wavewalk® kayak in a custom cardboard box, for maximum protection, and our shipments are insured.
Typical transit time for such a shipment is 4 weeks, but it can take a couple of weeks more, depending on cutoff dates and other factors over which we have no control.

Once the boxed Wavewalk® kayak and accessories reach their Australian port of destination, the client has to take care of customs clearing and transportation from the port to their address. We provide our clients with all necessary documentation for customs.
Australian duty on US made kayaks is minimal thanks to the Australia-USA Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA), which dates back to 2004. However, our Australian clients are required to pay the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST), like they do on all other products.
Other local expenses that Australian clients need to be aware of are port taxes and fees which may vary from time to time and from one port to another, and storage fees if the client requires the box to be stored locally before picking it up.

We can also ship to inland local freight terminals where the client would pickup their box.

How we manage to offer such low shipping rates to Australian ports

Adding $210 and $270 as extra shipping fee to an Australian port helps us pay for shipping to our Australian clients –
The actual cost of shipping a boxed Wavewalk™ kayak from the US factory to a main Australian port is between $450 and $550, depending on whether it’s a W500 or W700, and on the port of destination.
However, we don’t have to charge the full cost of shipping to Australia since our kayaks are already priced with a local shipping component for our US customers. This figure rarely covers our own cost when we ship a single box to an end customer’s address in the continental US, but it does cover much of it. We use these funds to cover part of our cost of shipping to our Australian clients, so they don’t have to pay the full cost of shipping.

We have neither a national distributor nor any local dealers in Australia at this time, and we are looking to recruit such distributors. Learn more »



  1. Benny Suttendorf

    Didn’t WW have an Australian distibutor at some point?

  2. fish kayak

    We did, for a short time. They were located in the southern part of the country, which was a problem for them as far as distribution goes, since inland transportation over long distances is expensive in Australia when it comes to such large size boxes.
    Aside from this problem, they lacked any background or interest in fishing, which made it hard for them to establish a presence in the local market for fishing kayaks and small fishing boats, both of which were supposed to be their main target markets.
    Their third problem was their lack of commercial experience, which prevented them from recruiting local dealers, a must for any national distributor in that huge country.
    They bought dozens of kayaks from us, which was good, but overall that experiment slowed down our market penetration in Australia. We had to dismiss them as soon as we realized they had dropped the ball.
    We’re currently looking to recruit new national and local resellers in Australia – a very good market for our products.

  3. Avaz Bob

    These days more people prefer to buy online and if you guys are already selling directly to Australian customers , why would you want to have dealers there? I would guess you’d be making less on each sale. Just curious 🙂

  4. fish kayak

    Good question Bob 🙂

    Generally speaking, having local resellers is important for us since they can improve service to our clients by showing them the W kayak in real life, and communicate with them face to face. Dealers who share the same interests as many of their clients have an advantage, of course.
    Many people still don’t like to order online, and this is especially true for big ticket items such as the W500, and more so with Australian clients who have to import the product from the US.
    Our dealers are special, since they use our W kayak themselves, which means they both know the product and like it, and they don’t resell other fishing kayaks. This gives a W dealer an advantage over a regular kayak dealer or store employee, and it helps them add a substantial value to the client, which justifies good profit margins.
    All this is to say that the presence of local dealers improves service to clients, and therefore increases sales in their area, but this is true only if the dealer does a good job. In any case, we make every effort to support both our clients and our dealers, and I think we’re doing a pretty good job with that.


  5. magnus piscis

    I hope this question wouldn’t be embarrassing to you, but you say that Wavewalk doesn’t have any dealers in Australia, and if it’s so, who’s Blue Edge Sports? They claim to be stocking Wavewalk kayaks in Australia. Could you please explain?

  6. fish kayak

    Certainly –

    Wavewalk has neither dealers nor distributors of any kind in Australia at this time.
    We had a distributor until last year (2013) and we dismissed them because we weren’t happy with the job they did.

    Blue Edge Sports are not affiliated with Wavewalk in any way. They just bought the remaining Wavewalk kayaks that our dismissed Australian distributor had in stock last year. He had made his last purchase from us in 2012.
    Since then, Blue Edge Sports have been offering those Wavewalk kayaks for sale to Australian clients without being our authorized dealers. Technically speaking, since those Wavewalk kayaks were molded in the US and they are being assembled in Australia by someone who isn’t an authorized Wavewalk distributor, they are not covered by our standard warranty.

    Since last year we’ve been selling W kayaks to Australian clients factory direct, as we used to do before we recruited that local distributor, and we’re looking to expand our distribution through new dealers and distributors for Wavewalk kayaks in Australia. It has been a great market for our kayaks for years.
    Please feel free to contact me by email if you have more questions.


  7. magnus piscis

    Didn’t Blue Edge Sports contact your company before they bought those unsold Wavewalk kayaks from your former distributor in Australia?

  8. fish kayak

    No, they didn’t.
    Sooner or later they’ll finish reselling all the W kayaks they have left in stock, and when that happens either we’ll come to terms with them or we won’t.
    In any case, we’re not committed to them in any way.

  9. magnus piscis

    Just let me make sure I understand what you said..if I buy a wavewalk kayak from Blue Edge Sports I’d get a 2012 model, and if I order one from you I’d get a 2014 model?..

  10. fish kayak

    Yes, exactly.

  11. fish kayak

    Dennis Hodgetts is Wavewalk’s official distributor in New Zealand, and he’s offered to help Australian clients until we have a distributor in Australia.
    Dennis keeps a large stock of W kayaks, paddles and accessories. The kayaks are made in USA and assembled in New Zealand.
    Australian clients who are interested in ordering a Wavewalk kayak are welcome to contact Dennis and ask him for a quote.
    Dennis website is

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