Wavewalk kayak user manual – new edition

It’s almost impossible to write a complete and detailed user manual for these kayaks because there’s so much you can do with them, and because although it’s easier, using them is so much different in almost every aspect from what you got used to with other kayaks.

We published the first user manual for W kayaks many years ago, and we hardly updated it since we started this blog back in 2008. This created some weird and funny aberrations, such as paragraphs referring to the W as a boat, references to stand up paddling as Paddle Skiing, warnings that had made sense in the context of the W300 series but later became irrelevant with the W500 series, etc…
Some of the information was altogether missing (e.g. about motorizing), and other information was outdated, including informative pictures and movies.

A real, full-fledged user manual would have been as big as an online book, so we decided to create a lean version offering basic information and links to in-depth articles and various sections on this website.

We invite everyone to have a look at the reedited User Manual.
Your comments, questions and suggestions are most welcome!

3 thoughts on “Wavewalk kayak user manual – new edition”

  1. This is an excellent comprehensive resource, Yoav. Perhaps you may want to create a link for it on your homepage.

  2. You can’t squeeze all the information that has to do with using and outfitting this new type of watercraft into a single page, because there are so many things you can do with it. I can see this page evolving into a directory or a list of resources used as a starting point for finding more information on particular subjects.

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