The slippery slope – launching safely from a steep boat ramp, by Gary Rankel

I’ve been meaning to mention another advantage of the W that I’m not sure you’ve addressed on your website –
I occasionally launch my W on steep concrete boat ramps. These ramps usually are covered with slippery algae beneath the water surface making it dangerous to enter a SOT or Sit-in kayak from the middle while standing on the slippery surface.
A friend of mine trying to enter his SOT a few weeks ago fell flat on his rear (luckily he was not hurt, just wet). With the W, you simply push it in the water so that it nearly floats and the area between the entry hulls is dry, then jump on the seat from between the hulls while pushing off, thereby managing a perfect launch.


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3 thoughts on “The slippery slope – launching safely from a steep boat ramp, by Gary Rankel”

  1. Absolutely!

    Had this little incident happened to your friend in the cold water up here in the North, it would have been most unpleasant, and he might have had to cut his fishing trip short.

    Thanks Gary,


  2. Getting into, or onto a traditional kayak is a bummer, but it’s a lot easier than getting out of it after spending a couple of hours seated in the traditional kayaking posture. Sometimes you can’t even move your legs because of numbness or pain. Sometimes the waves or even just eddies rock you and you feel helpless and frustrated. The Wavewalk has put an end to this as far as I’m concerned.

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