Get your swimming pool ready for the winter with a canoe style Wavewalk, by Gary Thorberg

The problem here was that part of the tarp that covered the swimming pool fell into the water, and then the whole surface froze over. This video shows the W500 being used to break the ice and retrieve the tarp so that it could be properly reattached around the pool.
Using the kayak in a canoeing mode made more sense because the short canoe paddle works better in such a restricted space, and it’s more effective for breaking the ice.

Here in Minnesota we’re already switching to ice fishing, which is very popular.


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5 thoughts on “Get your swimming pool ready for the winter with a canoe style Wavewalk, by Gary Thorberg”

  1. Cool! Thanks Gary.

    The W kayak works great as a small canoe – no doubt about it 🙂

    This video reminds me of my own insane ice-kayaking adventures on the Charles river, years ago…


  2. Hey Gary-

    Just when I think there can’t be a better way to illustrate the stability of a Wavewalk, out comes this video!

    We can only hope that potential owners will be paying close attention, starting at 1:57 into the film when you demonstrate “how to capsize a kayak”. You stick the very tip of the paddle out under the ice-covered tarp and start cantilevering away! Does the Wavewalk tip? No. Do you start flopping around, trying to regain your balance? No. You just calmly proceed to perform maneuver after maneuver that would absolutely capsize any other kayak. It is astounding, never mind you are also using a fishing kayak as an icebreaker!

    Oh, nice pool, too! 🙂

    Thanks for a fantastic show,


  3. Yep, super-stability is anything but hype when the W kayak is concerned.
    Another interesting thing to notice is how easily this catamaran-kayak maneuvers in such a tight spot. One would have thought that a natural tracker such as the W would under perform under these conditions, but it shines.

    It’s funny to think how one of those humongous barge fishing kayaks would have done in similar conditions 😛


  4. Nice job getting the pool cover back into place. 🙂

    I’m hoping the ice will hold out up here in CT.

    I got some more Big Bass to poke. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle afe all.

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