W kayak used in underwater robotics tests, by Darcy Paulin

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Here are some pictures from my recent ‘Depth Test’ experiment.
My W Kayak was loaded up and performed admirably.
The picture at the top is from the successful trip and the second picture is from the first day out when my laptop battery died. That is part of why I bought the electric motor for the second trip.

That is a link to my blog post about what I was doing

Basically I put some e-tubes*, that I wanted to test the max depth of, into the cage. Then I lowered it until the failed. Happily my little OpenROV (the blue device on the cage) did not fail. There are a couple videos in the blog one shows the e-tubes* failing spectacularly. The other shows the cage going all the way to 230m (bottom of the lake where I was floating)
*e-tubes – the sealed cylinder housing that we put the electronics for the OpenROV.
Note, I do normally have the saddle at the back. But I had to adjust things. 🙂

British Columbia, Canada

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4 thoughts on “W kayak used in underwater robotics tests, by Darcy Paulin”

  1. Wow!…
    What a fascinating project, and the video is great.

    Thanks Darcy, please keep us posted as your experiments progress.
    I look forward to the day when you’d be driving a DIY underwater robot while sitting comfortably in your W kayak 🙂


  2. I’d love to have an underwater robot help me with reconnaissance and maybe with catching fish although I wonder if this could be done

  3. Hey, this story really captured my imagination. Twenty years from now we’d all be robo-fishing!

  4. Hi Darcy-

    I’m not sure what all that equipment is but there sure is a lot of stuff in your W500. It looks like huge spools of rope and tubing, plus the e-tubes, plus the giant crate, plus the laptop and other electronics, plus the motor and battery, plus the laptop computer, plus you! All this in a kayak that is only 11′ 4″. If I hadn’t been using one for 2 years I might think you made this up. 🙂 Astounding!!!


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