A Wavewalk kayak anglers gathering in Ozello, by Gary Rankel

Five W owners have been paddling their wavewalks around Ozello in recent days enjoying the beautiful sunrises and catching a few trout, redfish and snook.
Bob Smaldone can be seen in his usual standing position fishing the mangrove shoreline.
Dick Sherman was paddling while resting his back on his custom made backrest, and Art Myjak enjoyed his maiden voyage in his new W.
Ed Wheeler also came down for a day with his W from Lake City.
I directed traffic and managed to get a few pictures.
We continue to get lots of stares from other yakers in the area.


Art paddling his new Wavewalk 500
Art standing next to his new W kayak, and Gary’s W kayak is beached nearby

beautiful-sunrise-on-the-water-Florida-11-2013 (2)


Bob fly fishing standing in his green W kayak. His yellow one is stored in Maine…
Dick and Art fishing the shallows next to each other
Young snook visiting Gary’s kayak…

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8 thoughts on “A Wavewalk kayak anglers gathering in Ozello, by Gary Rankel”

  1. Cool!
    Thank you Gary,
    I can only imagine the other people there staring at a fleet of five W kayaks rigged for fishing! 😀


  2. More people will give Wavewalks serious consideration as they begin to see it as mainstream rather than just “different”. It will be very interesting to see how many are sold in your area in the coming year. It is all about critical mass and how it affects people’s perceptions.

  3. Nice job guys. 🙂

    We should try a get together up here in CT and Mass.

    That would be fun. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  4. Absolutely! 🙂
    A tri-state W gathering is long overdue, and I guess it was up to me to organize it such an event long ago … 😮
    I’m thinking sometime next May, because after this warm storm we just had here temperatures will go down again, and we’ll be be in winter already … 🙁


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