First ducks of the season out of my Wavewalk kayak, by Chris Henderson

Well this was my opening weekend!
Today I was able to get the Wavewalk out and do an archery hunt.
This was a brand new spot for me. I will be going back to it! Had some things go wrong in the beginning (forgot some parts) so had to head to a store before the field so I didn’t get in the water until 9ish.
Having never hunted it, my first choice of spot was not the best. After about an hour I moved. While I was getting settled and the blind back up ducks came in (of course before I was ready). But I soon got in and a pair came right in, and I got one from 30 yards. I just waded out and picked her up.

Had some other birds come in but finished at 60 yards instead of landing in the hole.

The spot will hunt better on an outgoing to low tide, so I expect to do better next time.

Here are pics of the archery hunt.

Duck decoys viewed from inside the kayak blind

I think a bit more camo burlap is in order. The cell phone camera messes up the color a little bit but it still needs to be dealt with.

Good start to the season! Can’t wait for next week. I might actually get set up before shoot time and who knows , maybe get more than a single!


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8 thoughts on “First ducks of the season out of my Wavewalk kayak, by Chris Henderson”

  1. Apropos didn’t the Inuit use their kayaks mainly for hunting?

  2. Yes. The kayak (man’s boat in aboriginal languages) was low and stealthy, which made it a good boat for hunting waterfowl and sea mammals, but back then and there it wasn’t popular as a fishing boat.

  3. Hunting ducks with a bow and arrow, and from a kayak! Wow! I wonder, how does this kayak compare to other boats you hunted from?

  4. Muddy – I have hunted from a lot of different boats sneak boats. Archery hunting ducks was the very purpose I got a Wavewalk. Most sneak boats and layout boats are designed for shotgun hunting. So you actually lay down or at least in a much more prone position. That does not work with archery as the lower limb of the bow hits your legs. The Wavewalk solves that because you are sitting up. But I think this boat will do great as a shotgunning boat as well.

    Most of the sneak boats are very low profile and very wide. This makes them stable to shoot from (as long as you are laying down), which is good on a mud flat but really bad when a chop comes up. Paddling them in any current or the wind, can be quite adventurous and they usually don’t track worth a quack. The Wavewalk paddles, handles waves, and ends up being more comfortable than most of the other small boats. My blind is multipurpose and I plan on doing some shotgun hunting out of it as well. Stay tuned.

  5. The blind looks cozy and practical, not just for hunting, but for photographing too. I wonder if it’s possible to make it more nimble for easier paddling or for driving the Wavewalk in a motorized mode.

  6. In my previous post on this topic I show how I made it. It would be very easy and desirable to make it smaller and more compact if It were to be used for photography. It is oversized in height and width to accommodate the full draw of a compound bow. If I were to design one for photography it could be made more narrow so that when collapsed it is within the width of the hull making paddling easier. I actually think a different design would work better. Google “chair blind” and that design might be modified to work really well for photography and much more easy up and down. The bow thing made everything bigger, heavier, and more complicated. Good luck and be sure and post up if you build something.

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