Photographing birds from my Wavewalk kayak, by Michael Pyle

I have the coolest kayak known to man, it’s called a Wavewalk Kayak and it’s the world’s stablest fishing Kayak.
I custom made a camera mount for this boat and all the images in this gallery are those captured using it, I hope you like!!

The images on my site have no crop factor, in the water, with a few tricks I was able to get within 3 yards of the subject, something about being in the water in my Kayak they do not see me as a threat. Normally on land a green heron would fly away after spotting me at 50 yards. Also, considering that I’m using about 8,000 dollars worth of equipment in a kayak is so out of the ordinary or should I say crazy… Every time I go out I’m approached by people asking me if I’m worried about tipping over and destroying 8k worth of equipment, I tell them “not in my Wavewalk”. I’m able to access and photograph animals in spots so thick in vegetation that you can’t even see the water.

Michael Pyle

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7 thoughts on “Photographing birds from my Wavewalk kayak, by Michael Pyle”

  1. Oh wow! This is really nice. I like what seems to be a new trend in this blog, where people post bird pictures instead of fish and kayak-rigging pictures.

  2. April, I’m with you on that. I love fishing but I’m interested in other things too. I like watching birds and other wildlife when I’m out there although I don’t take pictures of them.

  3. Thank you April, Yoav,I’m a wildlife photographer from Pennsylvania and I plan on posting more images in the future. Now that winter is almost here the images will most likely be of Ducks…

  4. Very nice pictures! Maybe the birds you photograph have no natural predators in the water, so your kayak doesn’t scare them?

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