Back on the river in my kayak, by Harry Selsor

I am publishing today vice Monday because I am going on a weekend bird photography workshop and won’t be here Monday morning

Got back on the river in my Kayak. Traffic on the river is kinda down right now but some of the migratory birds are showing up. Playing fly and peek with Old Man River the Great Blue Heron a have to get up real early in the morning to get the jump on him. As soon as He spots me coming out the back door he takes off to the old pier or one of his fishing holes. Have not seen the spoonbills for a while so they must have moved south. A few Pied Bill Grebes are showing up in the river but have not ventured close enough for a good photo yet. Hope you are not sick from too much Halloween candy.


Reflections On Broward

WAAAAAAHHH! The Bengals lost to the Dolphins…

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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Harry,

    Sorry about the Bengals… Well, at least the picture is funny! 😀


  2. April L

    😀 this photo is hilarious! LOL 😀

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