7 thoughts on “Catching a small pike from my W500 kayak, by Gary Thorberg (movie)”

  1. It may not be big for a pike, but it’s still a good size fish!

  2. Beautiful fish! Wish we had pike to chase where I live.

    Also, can’t help but notice that Gary is paying no attention to balancing himself as he lifts the hefty, squirming pike from one side of his W500 and then releases it on the other. Yes, you can balance yourself in other kayaks, but the Wavewalk balances you.

  3. I think it’s possible to say that because each W hull offers your foot enough buoyancy to support your entire weight

  4. Only a lightweight person can stand with both their feet in one hull. The reason for this isn’t necessarily a buoyancy issue, but the angle of the hull’s bottom as well as the angle of the saddle – As the heavier hull sinks, it gets increasingly less comfortable to stand in it with both feet, and the heavier you are the deeper it would sink, naturally.

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