The Wavewalk solved my kayak fishing back issues, by Jim Taylor

We all know how the Texas drought is drying up our lakes and closing boat ramps but you can keep fishing with a kayak.
Here is a photo of our boat dock. The water is usually right under the walkway but it is now sitting on the ground and there may be ankle deep water at the end of the dock.

I took our boat off the lift months ago and started fishing from a kayak. I was having a blast but my back could only take about 30 minutes sitting in the traditional kayak position.
I kept thinking that I would get used to it and get more comfortable but after a few weeks, I gave up on that and bought a Wavewalk kayak.

My camo fishing kayak

These kayaks solved my back issues. They are easy to stand up in but there is a small learning curve… The first time I tried standing I felt as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I sat back down in a more stable position and paddled for a few minutes and then decided to give it another go. This second try was much better… I still had fawn legs but stood right up and paddled from the standing position for 15-20 minutes. I was feeling a lot more confident and the shaky fawn legs had gone away so I reached behind me and grabbed the cast net and threw it a few times… No problem… This is all in the first 30 minutes of getting in a Wavewalk.
The thing I really like about these kayaks is the speed. They are much faster than the big wide kayak I was using before.


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My wife started out standing and paddling without any problem

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3 thoughts on “The Wavewalk solved my kayak fishing back issues, by Jim Taylor”

  1. Thanks Jim,

    I hope the drought in your state will end soon, and I’m confident that when it does, you won’t go back fishing out of your motorboat 😀

    The camo job you did on your kayak is pretty amazing, and more pictures of it are welcome!


  2. Droughts are a natural phenomenon, and they end, eventually…

  3. Droughts are natural, and floods are natural too. They are related to the el nino – el nina cycle.

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