Biggest redfish in quite a while, and back to the house of mouse, by Gary Rankel

I got the biggest redfish I’ve caught in quite awhile today. He took a topwater lure about 20 feet from the W and I was able to see him come from behind the lure and inhale it. What an awesome fish. The pictures below were taken by a friend and I’ll attach a few of mine.

I’ve got the inlaws and grandkids coming over from Scotland for 2 weeks so I won’t be on the water for awhile. My wife insists that family takes priority over fishing!!
Oh well, I guess that means a few more visits to the Mouse House in Orlando (don’t know how much more of Mickey I can take).

Be back in a couple of weeks.


Biggest redfish in quite a while…

Big redfish released from Gary’s kayak

More kayak fishing with Gary


  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Gary,
    That’s a chunky fish to say the least…

    How about offering your visiting family to join you on a fishing trip to Ozello?
    Ian, Gary Thorberg’s grandson seemed very happy to fish on board his grandpa’s W500 🙂 see here:


  2. Hasdrubal

    This is a beautiful fish, congratulations!

  3. PackerYaker

    Thanks, Yoav……..don’t think I can convince the grandkids to give up Mickey, the Princesses, Seaworld, Universal, etc. for a day on the water with Grandpa. Maybe we’ll try a little fishing for plastic fish in the swimming pool.

  4. fish kayak

    Maybe if you try telling them that you’re going to look for manatees with them? 😉

  5. PackerYaker

    We did manatees last year on a tour boat – don’t think I could fit my wife, inlaws and 2 grandkids on my W.

  6. baitshop boy

    Great pictures Gary, congartulations

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