Two Packer Yakers and lots of fish, by Gary Rankel

I don’t know if Ozello is ready for 2 Packer Yakers, but that’s what we have now that I’ve sold one of mine to Bob Smaldone. He is keeping his old yellow Wavewalk in Maine for his annual snowbird trips up there.
Looks like the dog days of summer are ending as we had a nice day with quite a few redfish, seatrout and jack crevalle caught.
Bob said he had to learn how to stand all over again, as the kayak I sold him has saddle brackets mounted fore and aft which keeps the W from flexing (splaying) out, creating much more stability (he doesn’t have saddle brackets in his other W).
For right now, I have just one bracket to the rear which allows for some flexing and makes it a little easier to stand. It’s amazing how much stability improves without the saddle brackets in.


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8 thoughts on “Two Packer Yakers and lots of fish, by Gary Rankel”

  1. Thanks Gary,

    It’s great to see you and Bob are back on the saddle and riding together into the sunset while rounding up a bunch of fish 🙂

    First, I’d like to suggest that instead of ‘flexing’ and ‘splaying’ we just use the term ‘adjustable geometry’, which conveys the notion of something that’s both useful and under control, and can be adjusted according to the user’s needs.

    Second, Bob could easily modify the geometry of his brackets, I.E. make them slightly wider. He could get the dimensions from your kayak. Such a project should be a piece of cake for a guy with Bob’s technical background.

    Third, being a native of New England, Bob should definitely rename his kayak 😉


  2. let’s get serious for a change. Technically speaking, being from Maine makes Bob a fan of the New England Patriots, doesn’t it? Does the fact that he now lives in florida exempt him from this status and allows him to have the Green Bay Packers’s name displayed on his aquatic vehicle? 😉

  3. Hey Gary, it’s been a long time…. Nice to see you back!

  4. Adjustable geometry is quite a mouthful.

    I don’t think they allow Patriots fans in Ozello.

  5. Thanks, fish wiz. It’s been a hot summer here with lots of slow fishing days, so I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures. Hopefully, things will improve now that the Fall weather is arriving.

  6. Big game coming up for the Green and Gold!
    I have installed the saddle brackets on several of my Wavewalks. I personally have not noticed much difference, it still is a very stable kayak.However, having the saddle brackets eases my mind when I am getting into rough kayaking situations, rough boulder lined launch areas, sliding over logs, etc. It’s no problem for a heavy load that I often challenge my Wavewalk with.

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