Stuff I take with me on my kayak fishing trips, by Steve Anderson

I live in Beaufort, on the North Carolina coast. This area is called the Southern Outer Banks (SOBX), and the marshes around here offer great opportunities for fishing.
I’ve fished from kayaks for a long time, and switched to a W kayak earlier this year. Following my good experience with it I decided to become Wavewalk’s local dealer.

This is the typical gear I bring on a Wavewalk Kayak fishing trip –
Fish Bag, tackle & dry bags, drift sock & anchor box, bailer & cast net box.
The second picture shows my transport wheel for easy movement at home & at the fishing site.
In the third picture shows how all that gear stows away and the cast net box secures to the bow. Most importantly, two spinning rods and a fly rod.


Southern Outer Banks Kayaks (SOBX)

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2 thoughts on “Stuff I take with me on my kayak fishing trips, by Steve Anderson”

  1. Thanks Steve,

    Obviously, retiring in North Carolina offers some undeniable climatic advantages, especially when fishing is concerned, but I’m sure you and Marcia are going to miss the foliage here 😉


  2. Foliage is important, of course, but it’s not on my shortlist of the most important things…

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