My kayak is where I like to be, by Bill Davenport

There is no place I’d rather be than in my W on the water when it’s calm and the sun is setting or rising…
Hickory Shad and Striped Bass help to make it all the more enjoyable.
I’ll be fishing until at least Oct. and then hunting until I’m iced out. Wind has more of an affect than cold for me.


Plymouth, MA

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7 thoughts on “My kayak is where I like to be, by Bill Davenport”

  1. Thanks Bill,

    Great shots! It looks like you’re a bit of a photographer too, like many of us are 🙂

    Stay warm out in the ocean…


  2. Fishing is one of the two most overrated things… I forgot what the other one was 😉

  3. I just noticed that Bill carries his w500 on top of his car without any sort of car rack. Talking about ease of transportation!

  4. Not only is it easier to cartop, but it’s more secure as well. I bought a 3X5′ non-skid rubber rug backer and put that on first, a piece of foam rubber under the back end, attach the tie downs and voila. Takes about five minutes. Bonus; the twin hull means I don’t have to detach the radio antenna.

  5. Years ago, I sold a W kayak to a client who lived in Canada. His nephew was studying somewhere around here (Massachusetts), and he came to pickup the kayak for his uncle in a rented car that had no car rack… I had to think of a way to keep that kayak on top of the car for a very long ride… –
    The kid made it to his uncle’s house with the kayak safe and sound. He just had to tighten the ropes that attached it to the car roof a couple of times.

  6. No, we used cardboard to protect the car roof, and we had the ropes go from side to side through the car windows. We didn’t attach anything to the kayak’s tips.

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