A kayak I feel I can safely fish out of, by Linwood Crosby

My name is Linwood Crosby. I’m a little fella at 6 feet and 265 lbs, and I had my left knee replaced.
I venture to northern Maine, where I lived for 40 years, and do a lot of fly fishing in both remote ponds and large lakes, so this kayak is a lot more convenient than towing my 14 foot Jon boat.
Thank you for a kayak I feel I can safely fish out of.
I hadn’t been in a canoe or kayak for 5 years, so it took a little getting use to, but nothing major.
Easy in and easy out, and my feet stayed dry. Pretty cool, and it sure paddles well.
At first I found the seating a little slippery, due primarily to my left knee replacement and not being able to squeeze the seat enough, but I remedied,
that after I got my sea legs back and sitting higher –
After being out two more times I found that my replaced knee cap causes my left foot not stay in the proper position very long, under me, without discomfort, when paddling. I’m predominately a lefty. Sitting 1 inch higher on the saddle with the added pads [see picture] has helped. With the pads, I can put both feet directly under me, for a longer duration.
The stream near me, that I tried the Wavewalk on, is overflowing its banks from all the rain. I plan on going fishing in a pond near here, in a couple of days.
I got a real good running 1.2 hp GameFisher to try on it, as soon as I get more used to it.
The kayak is already outfitted with a transom mount.

Linwood Crosby (“Puddle Jumper”)

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3 thoughts on “A kayak I feel I can safely fish out of, by Linwood Crosby”

  1. Thanks Linwood,

    Making your kayak saddle higher was indeed the right ergonomic solution in your case.

    The kayak looks great, and I look forward to see pictures of it with the motor on,


  2. I like the notion of a higher seat solving a knee problem.
    Your transom mount looks good too.

  3. Hey Linwood-

    It was great meeting you and letting you see our kayaks first hand. I’m so glad to hear that the W500 is turning out to be the solution you were seeking. I’m sure you will come up with more ways to adapt your Wavewalk to your requirements.


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