First pink salmon in my Wavewalk kayak, by Chris Henderson

This boat was designed with fishing in mind. It is truly a stand up fishing platform. Comfortable, roomy, and able to be rigged to meet the fish that you are going after –

Great day on the water. Got to the park (Browns Point) during the first quarter of the Seahawks game so parking was easy.  😉  Later it got quite crowded. I was able to easily unload and wheel (see pic) the kayak down the grassy slope and launch. Went the left (got some good advice) and found a spot. I tried trolling a mini flasher and hoochie, but was not having any success. So when in Rome, I drifted and casted toward shore. Had the boat in 15 feet of water and was casting toward shore. They were running close.

Used a pink squid jig with no success, switched to a marabou jig in pink and instantly more success. Had the wrong poles with me. Way too much for casting the small jig, but made do.

Had multiple hook ups, and one came unbuttoned right at the net!!! But managed to bring one in. Great fight and the sport of the kayak makes it all the better!

That is awesome. You could sense the fish coming in waves and then nothing.

Borrowed the sons car…
They say there are still a lot of pinks headed by Seiku and points west, so I am hopeful that there will be more action.

I was using a little lighter jig and it seemed to do well. Thing is they are in such shallow water I am tempted by one of those round cork bobbers. Not that you would let it sit but work it back in. I think keeping the jig in the zone for longer would have to be beneficial. I also thought about putting a beetle spin on it or even a hot pink mini spinnerbait. With the cloudy water that might be interesting.

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I will probably be back down on Sunday again. I enjoyed it a lot and it is a great place to catch fish while figuring out the yak fishing thing.

Smoked it up last night and it was wonderful. Good food.


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3 thoughts on “First pink salmon in my Wavewalk kayak, by Chris Henderson”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    This fish looks yummy…
    I’m glad to hear you and your family enjoyed it 🙂


  2. Good story, I liked the part about borrowing your son’s car, and the fact you actually kept that salmon and ate it. It’s a great tasting fish and very healthy too. They say that when bears catch salmon they eat only the skin.

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