Albeit bad weather, my best catch ever of big bass and pickerel, by Michael Chesloff

I just spent 8 days in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The weather was terrible for the first 4; relentless wind and rain such that I didn’t want to fish. The next 4 days were just incredibly windy so I went out for a few hours early each day. Considering the conditions, my Wavewalk made paddling and positioning easy.

The result? My best catch ever of big bass and pickerel.
Fish when you can!

Note that I just purchased the Plano Expandable Bump Board that you see in each shot. It keeps you honest, if you like that sort of things! :-)



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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Michael,

    Best personal record under such difficult circumstances… Congratulations! 😀
    This is our blog’s featured story – congratulations again! 😀


  2. Hasdrubal

    Impressive! With all the tourists in Cape Cod, i’m surprised to see there are big fish left there.

  3. lake

    If that board helps people stay honest, how about making in mandatory in DC and Wall Street? Just a thought…

  4. 1formidable

    This is more big ones than most folks catch in an entire season

  5. Avaz Bob

    Michael you’re a champ!!

  6. RoxCT


    Congrats on a Great Day!!! 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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