Bar Hopping in a W kayak with the ladies, by Jeff McGovern

No talking in this one…
I had the Replay XD1080P camera going when I hooked up to a small ladyfish just before the wind was pushing my kayak into an oyster bar. Moving quick as you can see the fish was dumped into the hull to be controlled and the paddle quickly deployed to get out of trouble. Working with an Emmrod made it easier of course.
I was standing when the fish was hooked so it required sitting down, controlling the fish then getting the paddle into play quickly.
Never touched that bar – missed it by inches.
Went on the catch a ton of the darn things all morning.
Ladyfish are fun to catch but not good for much besides cutting up as bait for redfish. The largest will be about 3 feet long.

Take Care, Jeff

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One thought on “Bar Hopping in a W kayak with the ladies, by Jeff McGovern”

  1. Thanks Jeff,

    Cool movie! Unfortunately, it exposed one of the W kayak’s most noteworthy disadvantages… – If you had been bar hopping with a regular kayak, that ladyfish you invited on board would have not danced at your feet, but in your lap! 😉


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