Family kayak fishing and camping trip at the beach, by Sungjin Kim

I was anxious to fish and relax together with my family, so last week, I went on a two days and one night family camping trip with my wife and daughters. I don’t know how long it’s been since our last family trip.

Beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean at the beach

My daughter and and I erected the big tent, which I bought 20 years ago, for my honeymoon. Base camp is completed. We had to pay an annoying staying fee of 20,000 won ($18 US) in this camping site.

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After breakfast, we decided we’ll have sashimi for lunch. Fortunately, in less than an hour of seeking flounder, I got a nice one who was left with no viable options.

Going fishing!
Nice flounder straight from the ocean – perfect for sashimi!

Filleting the flat flounder can be challenging sometimes. I brought this Makhoe knife from Tsushima.

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Yummy lunch at the beach!

The second day, after breakfast, I went fishing in the ocean again, and later came back into the arms of the family.

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My eldest daughter is crazy about snorkeling  🙂

We visited this small beautiful pond in the wetlands.

Beautiful pond in the nearby wetlands. Looks great for bass fishing!

This was the first experience with the family that seems to make us all want to travel a lot together.

Sungjin Kim
Wavewalk Korea

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8 thoughts on “Family kayak fishing and camping trip at the beach, by Sungjin Kim”

  1. Sungjin, what a wonderful story!
    I hope you and your family will spend a lot of time together in such bliss and beauty 🙂

  2. Now that’s what I call Living The Good Life! 🙂

    Beautiful pictures wonderful videos, and a beautiful happy Family!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. Hello Sungjin-

    Another super story showing Wavewalks are “good for the whole family”!

    By the way, if you watch your own videos of your motorized W500 you will see clearly that your outriggers never even touch the water. This means you really don’t need them at all.


  4. Sungjin’s story is simply beautiful – a man and a woman, their kids, building a shelter, getting some food and preparing it, eating together, being together, having fun together.
    For me, this story is about life.

  5. Nah, that’s just a fisherman bragging about a nice flounder he caught 😉

  6. Hi, Michael.
    You are right. The outriggers are needless for Wkayak.
    Sometimes they even disturb launching or landing.
    They offer only psychological stability.
    I’ll get rid of them, and exchange to XL floatation module.

  7. Hi Sungjin,

    Michael used outriggers before he discovered that the benefit they offered was questionable.


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