This fishing kayak is doing what I wanted it to do, by Paul Mayer

I teach in one of the state’s community colleges and the weeks before graduation were my most busy time of the year. After I devoted some time to administrative activities, my summer vacation began. That means I had some time to fish.
I have not used my W as much as I would like, but have caught some nice smallmouths on maybe six trips with the boat. I am determining how I want to outfit it to be the most efficient for my style of fishing. I have not yet had time to add anything to the W, instead I spent that time fishing! I have only taken it to a small lake each time, and have not yet put it in the Penobscot River – another of my favorite places to fish for smallies, but tougher water to navigate and fish.

I can tell you that the W is much more comfortable to fish out of than my 16’ [brand name kayak]! I can stand up in the W to stretch my lower back while fishing and then am able to step right out of the W after five or six hours of fishing! So, it’s doing what I wanted it to do.
I have taken the W out in some good wind to see how it performed compared to my canoe and my standard kayak. The W is much better! The W is more stable in the wind and easier to handle than my [brand name kayak] or my [brand name] canoe, too.
So far, I’m very happy with my W. I like it!

Am planning on retiring next June and will have more time to spend outfitting and using my W then. I will also be able to share more stories after that, too.

Best wishes,


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6 thoughts on “This fishing kayak is doing what I wanted it to do, by Paul Mayer”

  1. Thanks Paul, I’m glad to learn the kayak works for you, and I’m delighted to hear you like it! 🙂
    It will add precious weeks to your fishing season, which is priceless up here in New England, especially considering the cool weather we’ve had this year…

  2. Hello Paul-
    Is there any better endorsement, “it’s doing what I wanted it to do”, for any product?

    I have yet to put my Wavewalk in moving water and I am really looking forward to your report on river fishing from your W500. Get back to us soon!


  3. I don’t remember exactly what I wanted my w500 to do before I got it, but with time, I came to realize that it was doing more than I thought it would. I think it’s because it doesn’t bother me physically when I use it, like other yaks would, and it doesn’t demand aything from me… No hassle and not even any attention on my part. It’s dependable and user-friendly in every way.

  4. Paul, glad you are enjoying your Wavewalk. Wavewalk = Freedom. Freedom from worrying about balance, freedom from back pain, and freedom from a time limit that a body can take being in a kayak. It simply lets you enjoy fishing, photography, touring, or whatever a person decides to do on the water.

  5. A traditional kayak is shaped like a fish, and it leaves its passenger the task of adapting to it, which they can’t do very well. The WaveWalk is better suited to fit the human that’s inside.

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