How I escaped two eating machines (dolphins) in my W kayak, by Jeff McGovern (movie)

Finally got on the water for a few minutes yesterday out of Genung’s Fish Camp. I launched early but the storms turned so it was only maybe 10 minutes out then a run for cover. Waited over two hours in the bait shop chatting away with the owners and their cat. When I got back out still only had a short time left before heading home. Fun but I wish the weather was a bit kinder. Here is the video short.

Take Care, Jeff

This is the head mounted Replay XD1080P camera:

head mounted video camera used for shooting this fishing kayak movie

head mounted video camera

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5 thoughts on “How I escaped two eating machines (dolphins) in my W kayak, by Jeff McGovern (movie)”

  1. Thanks Jeff,

    Maybe Those two dolphins just wanted you to shoot a video of them fishing around? 🙂

    That camera shoots really nice video, and the frame is very stable – great job!

    For the spectators, I’d like to add that Jeff uses a special Jeff McGovern edition of the W 9’8″ paddle for his regular (seated) paddling…


  2. It sounds like Jeff, but the music is different from the one he uses in his movies… 😀
    Congratulations on that video camera Jeff, the results are impressive!

  3. While not his intent, Jeff’s video shows how incredibly well the W500 tracks. Go back and view it again and you will see that while Jeff’s head (and therefore, the attached camera) are oscillating some, his Wavewalk is going perfectly straight and not swishing from side to side with each stroke of the paddle.

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