DIY W kayak seat and bracket by Danilo Russolillo, Italy

Danilo is an Italian designer who lives near Rome, Italy.
He owns a W500 kayak that he uses for paddle surfing, stand up paddling, and offshore fishing in the Mediterranean sea.
Danilo recently outfitted his W kayak with standard saddle brackets, and now he came up with an original design for a seat equipped with vertical footrests:

Danilo's son sitting in the kayak
Danilo’s son is visibly pleased with his dad’s idea!
High W kayak seat with footrests
Danilo’s bracket features vertical footrests

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5 thoughts on “DIY W kayak seat and bracket by Danilo Russolillo, Italy”

  1. Thanks Danilo,

    Very interesting concept!
    I guess the padded footrests help you control your kayak when you’re going in the surf?


  2. That’s a smart way to use aluminum tubes. The foot rests are intriguing…

  3. Thank you. I used stainless steel tubing, 18mm.
    I am studying in my garage, for another idea.

  4. This little guy must be thinking to himself “when I grow up I’ll take daddy’s kayak out by myself!” 😀

  5. When the baby gets big, there will be wavewalk 11000 electronic controlled with touch screen

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