Bird photos shot from my W fishing kayak, by Harry Selsor

Beautiful morning on the Broward. Caught some fly-bys of a Black Crowned Night Heron, Juvenile Little Blue Heron, Wood Stork and Pelican.

After two days on my new Kayak I was sore, but I had so much fun. I got a few good photos too. Learning what works and what doesn’t as far as photography support and outfitting. Birds move fast and are never where the bow is pointed so a tripod arrangement does not work well for me.

Harry Selsor,
Jacksonville, Florida
Reflections on Broward

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A Roseate Spoonbill liftoff – … It was a bit too bright and not optimum time to shoot but I was trying to see if I could sneak up on em’ – Not a problem with the wavewalk.

Here is how I rigged my Wavewalk.

Built a small platform in the bow with a plastic crate for my waterproof camera bag and other stuff (anchor, coast guard safety kit, gloves, etc).
I have a photographer’s Puffin Pad on the crate to help steady the camera for bow shots. Also installed some fishing rod holders fore and aft. For now I use a chair seat cushion also, getting a custom boat cushion made for it too.
I improvised my own paddle rack that also holds my Stickit anchor pole. I have plans to get a 2.3hp Honda engine later this week also. Been getting some good bird shots too, especially some of birds I have been trying to get for a while.

I wish the foam noodle came in duller colors though..birds can see the orange & yellow a mile away. Probably going to carry a small second canoe type paddle also for maneuvering in the tall marsh grass channels I go into..

Love my Wavewalk!


DIY paddle holder

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8 thoughts on “Bird photos shot from my W fishing kayak, by Harry Selsor”

  1. These bird pictures are really beautiful. I bet it takes years of practice and some pretty expensive gear to shoot such pictures!

  2. Beautiful birds. I tried bird photography but I guess I’m not quick enough 🙁 They move too fast for me!

  3. To Lake, Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Any hobby takes time and effort. I am fairly new at photography, started looking into it when I retired about 2 years ago. Took a few on line courses and a few classroom courses on digital photography. Then I started shooting on a daily basis when possible in Jan 13 and started my bird blog on my website cited (Reflections on Broward). I use a Canon 7D, I shoot the birds handheld mostly with a 100-400mm lens. I have been blessed with the ability to retire and enjoy the marsh birds in the backyard view of the Broward River and try to share it with others. Looking to expand my opportunities with the Wavewalk and get beyond the dock. Harry

  4. Absolutely stunning photographs. I especially liked the pileated woodpecker shot on your web site.

    Regarding your concern about the color of the flotation noodles, just mount them underneath the saddle and they will seem to have disappeared.


  5. I always thought there must be other ways to catch fish than out of a w kayak!
    😀 😀

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